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  • What is the technology?
    The technology utilizes a resonant chamber for deep relaxation and de-stressing the body. It combines frequencies, vibration, sound, and light waves to bring the body back into balance from a world filled with chaos. Bringing the body into balance strengthens one's innate self-healing mechanisms to heal or ward off illnesses and chronic conditions. You may come with an idea of what you want to address and then sense additional things are happening. Once the body relaxes deeply, the harmonic shift ripples throughout. As a result, the technology might positively affect issues you were not aware of.
  • Can the HE help the mitochondria?
    Mitochondria health is a big topic, especially in light of research revealing that mitochondrial dysfunction is at the core of most serious ailments, including cancer. Knowing mitochondria are the power-generating structures within a cell, (and that the mitochondria form a global network in the body) it is logical to recognize their role in our well-being. How does the HE technology play in? We look forward to research that will explain this with greater detail. The evidence we have is what clients have shared regarding their improvements in health. Greater energy, endurance, and improvments to health across the board point to the HE supporting the mitochondrial power grid to restore the glitches in the system. Improvements to the mitochondria, and thus the network, will directly impact one’s health. Outside of HE sessions, the importance of quality nutrition, water intake, exercise, and the elimination of toxins can’t be emphasized enough to support the health of your mitochondria. For clients who do not currently suffer from a chronic illness, they report greater energy reserves and stamina, an indicator of healthy mitochondria. See the question in this section regarding endurance with athletes.
  • Will the HE create more endurance for athletes?
    Yes. When the body is bathed in harmonic frequencies, everything is supported to heal and strengthen. How? On many levels. From a global perspective, when the body relaxes, one's bandwidth expands, if you will, allowing an increased flow of Life Force energy to be received and utilized. Utilized how? In countless ways, depending on what the body needs to restore its balance for well-being. From a bioelectrical perspective, for example, this increased flow of energy will support the restoration of mitochondria dysfunction. More endurance would indicate healthy mitochondria--the power generators of our cells. One client exercised for 9 hours outside in the heat without tire. Those that know him at the “club” asked what he was on. He told them he wasn’t “on” anything and had been IN the Harmonic Egg. He passed out a lot of cards that day.
  • Does the Harmonic Egg reduce stress on the body?
    YES! It can reduce stress hormones and provide deep relaxation down to a cellular level.
  • Can HE help heal physical injuries?
    Yes. Although it cannot physically heal a broken bone, the HE helps accelerate the body’s healing system as well as decrease inflammation with support from other treatments (i.e. treatment for a broken bone from a doctor or hospital). As far as healing from other injuries, the HE will support / enhance complementary treatments.
  • What can we say about HE and Cancer?
    Of course, no claims can be made in any modality or technology. Consider this…Cancer cells are more rigid and not flexible which is why they self-destroy because they cannot tolerate the disruption made by pure sound. The Harmonic Egg uses high-quality, non-compressed, pure sound to relax and soothe the client in the chamber. It's also good to consider Standford research...that a cell in growth and healing mode is impervious to disease.
  • Can HE reduce inflammatory markers in the blood?
    Yes, over time.
  • Will the HE assist in detoxing the body from toxins and heavy metals?
    Yes. The HE helps trigger the release of heavy metals. Drinking healthy fluids is essential to flushing toxins out of the body. Healthy liquids include: pure water, organic juices diluted in plain water, water with fresh lemon, herbal tea, and ultra-rich, natural electrolytes. (We carry a high-quality electrolyte at the center). Too much liquid at one time can have negative effect. It’s important to tune-in to your body’s wisdom to sense which fluids and how much to consume throughout the day.
  • Does the HE help to get rid of viruses, bacteria and fungi in the body?"
    Indirectly. The HE does not superficially heal the immune system; it goes deeper and treats what supports the immune system. The immune system is very complex, and the HE goes to that complex depth. That’s why it is powerful. Some other types of healing machines/instruments might treat the surface and make the person feel better immediately, but the effect does not last. With the HE, it might take longer only because it is going to the source of the issue. The egg can change a human’s vibrational frequency to a healthier level so the body can work more effectively. Then, the person’s body will be better equipped to fight off viruses, bacteria, and fungi in the future. The stronger the entire human system is, the lower the risk of becoming ill.
  • Does the HE detox mold from the body?
    The HE can trigger the human defense mechanism to help and support any complementary medicine or foods they need to address the mold. However, once the mold is gone, HE sessions can help the individual from getting mold again. One client shared, “I was exposed to BLACK mold for 3 years (unknowingly) and it did take about that long (3 years) to detox all of it. I finally got it all out and do not get sensitive to slight mold exposure any longer.”
  • How effective is HE with chronic pain?
    It has been reported from others that it can relieve chronic pain up to 7.5 out of 10 (on its own without any other outside treatments). Note that this is a general answer. Some individuals could be relieved totally and others less than a 7.5.
  • How does HE work on anti-aging?
    It aids in detoxing, increasing circulation, and vibrationally harmonizing the body which then leads the body to begin rejuvenation at cellular level. The HE assists in increasing the circulation of any fluids and energy inside the human body, thus working in harmony with the detox/cleansing process. Increasing the “flow” energizes the cells to function at a higher level, calibrating more closely to the rate at a younger age.
  • Will the HE reduce free radicals which damage and age us?
    Yes, the HE expulses some free radicals and neutralizes others. The HE also makes one's whole being (body-mind-spirit) healthier and, therefore, helps the body repel toxins using its internal mechanisms. We want to empower the body to utilize all of its innate capabilities for self-cleansing, healing and rejuvenating as effectively as it can.
  • How effective can HE be for deep emotional healing?
    There are several types of emotional healing and depths of emotional healing. For example, healing on the psychological, heart, and soul levels. The HE may appear to be most effective for the psychological mind – which is not surprising because false ideas, false assumptions, and emotional triggers are the expressions of the psychological mind. When these symptoms start to fade in intensity, it can be obvious. However, the HE also affects us at both the heart and soul levels. For some, transformation of issues regarding the heart and soul may seem less noticeable. Since all our aspects are connected, no parts are left behind; they are all communicating! For instance, when stressful thoughts and beliefs are dismantled, there is greater flow in the body that can serve to heal issues of the heart and soul. HE supports one’s full-body communication, so things are not ignored.
  • Can HE help with PTSD?
    Yes, but if the individual is receiving outside psychological help, then the HE can have an even more powerful effect as they complement each other.
  • Can the HE be safely used by babies and children?
    Yes. And, we recommend doing the session together so that both are receiving the same treatment. Very good for bonding. For children that are old enough, we suggest following their lead with their comfort level and openness to a session. Having them make that decision will set the stage for the most positive experience. We have children as young as 8 weeks use the chamber. For adolescents, the egg can be very powerful in aligning their energetic flow as they transition into adulthood.
  • Can pregnant women use the HE?
  • Will the HE work on the vagus nerve?
    The Harmonic Egg will first work to “soothe” the vagus nerve. It will assist the vagus nerve to reset itself to be in synchronicity with the person’s other systems. The Harmonic Egg will help the vagus nerve “search” around for the best “frequency” or “energetic beat” that will help support the functions attributed to the vagus nerve. Note: if a person engages Harmonic Egg sessions for a particular condition, the vagus nerve will respond in kind to support that area.Therefore, it is important to note that there is no “right” way for the vagus nerve to function, or any correct type of measurement, as it will adjust to the person’s entire state of health. *Stimulating the vagus nerve and increasing vagal tone has been shown to help treat a wide variety of brain and mental health conditions, including: Depression | Anxiety disorders | Alzheimer’s disease | Migraines | Fibromyalgia | Tinnitus | Alcohol addiction | Autism | Bulimia nervosa | Personality disorders | Heroin seeking behavior | Poor memory | Mood disorders in the elderly | Multiple sclerosis | Obsessive compulsive disorder | Severe mental diseases | Traumatic brain injury |Chronic fatigue syndrome *
  • Can HE help heal unhealthy cells?
    In theory, yes, cells are fed and communicate through cellular ion channels. If cells are not healthy, channels may close or be obstructed. Theory: Music / Sound vibrations can open up the channels so that cells are fed and can communicate once again! Also, as mentioned in the discussion above about mitochondria, the health of a cell directly relates to the strength of its power-generating substructures!
  • Does the HE support the Glial cells?
    Yes, but it doesn’t appear to be able to regenerate them. They don’t seem to be very responsive to external type of energy. It appears that Glial Cells are focused on internal neural communications versus anything external. Thiis surprising because Glial cells are thought to consist 90% of the brain, and astrocytes show an electrical potential like the neurons. Perhaps Glial cells are meant to regulate or interact within the internal network, while neurons might react to external energies/frequencies. So, although the Harmonic Egg cannot regenerate the Glial cells, it can support the other functions that are implicated in the regeneration of Glial cells.
  • How effective is the HE at helping the body heal itself?
    Very effective. A client struggling with an illness or condition may need more time and assistance to get healthy, but they can get there. Many clients achieve good health (and maintain it) by holistically treating the body with vibroacoustics, a healthy diet, moderate exercise, adequate water intake, and addressing emotional stressors. For clients without symptoms of illness or disease, they benefit by maintaining good health with Harmonic Egg sessions.
  • What about healing wounds and bruises?
    We have had clients indicate that they have had injuries / bruises and other wounds they feel have healed faster than normal after using HE. One person smashed their thumb nail quite badly and thought they would love the nail. It ended up being a slight bruise under the nail after 4 weeks and 4 HE sessions.
  • Does the HE work on a cellular level?
    Yes. “Using a Kirlian camera, Maman was able to document what happens to the energy fields of healthy human cells when exposed to a chromatic scale of sound frequencies. To his amazement he discovered that the color and shape of each cell and its subtle energy fields changed according to the pitch and timbre of each musical note. He also discovered that when the cell felt a ‘vibratory affinity’ with a certain note, the cell’s aura would transform into a mandala shape with vibrant colors of pinks and blues. Maman concluded this was the cell’s ‘fundamental note’, and if the person ‘tuned’ with it, harmony could be achieved within the cells, the energy field of the person, and the outside world.” –
  • Does the Harmonic Egg effect the craniosacral rhythm?
    The internal geometry of the egg effects the natural production and absorption of spinal fluid called the craniosacral rhythm. The geometry creates a still point which is a temporary shutdown of this rhythm in the body. The still point allows for the vibrations from the technology to profoundly affect the individual on a deeper level than would be accessible if the individual were to simply listen to the music being played. Once the individual steps out of the technology, the craniosacral rhythm resumes its normal cycle with the new pattern being interlaced within it, thus promoting healing.
  • Will the HE work to balance the chakras?
    The HE creates an environment that entrains the chakras to harmonic function so that they optimally serve an individual’s present state of health—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It commonly takes 4 – 10 sessions for the chakras to reset and maintain their optimal function as one goes about daily life. It’s important to remember how one’s lifestyle choices add to the holistic healing process. Naturally, eliminating toxins, eating nutritional whole foods, getting adequate sleep, drinking ample pure water, etc. will support your process.
  • Can the HE work to molecularly restructure the body?
    Sound is vibrating matter with a frequency, so the emanating waves from a given source force molecular movement within the source (the molecules in the strings on a guitar, for example, move when plucked). The HE is emanating waves from a given source. Using a designed supramolecular nanofiber placed in a solution, a research team led by A. Tsuda at Kobe University demonstrated that the nanofiber aligned and moved in response to a harmony when exposed to frequencies up to 1000 Hz. This is the first time a molecular happening like this has been reported.
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