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Healing Extreme Trauma

I so appreciate my dear client sharing this part of her healing journey after many years of trying everything under the sun to feel healthy, whole, and free of suffering that began with extreme abuse in her childhool.

Session 1 - Digging into the childhood traumas

My first coaching session with Korrine felt like the beginning of my healing process.  We dove right into the deep end and found that after 51 years, I was still carrying around this boulder, and the weight of it had caused me to experience physical pain and illness.  

Going back to the time of abandonment, betrayal, heartbreak and hurt was very difficult at first, as I had stuffed it and compartmentalized it for my entire life.  Even while I searched for spiritual healing and enlightenment, I never really opened the compartment to acknowledge the pain that had affected every decision in my life.

Korrine helped me go right to the root cause of so many of my physical ailments and with her guidance, I began to love and comfort my child self.  

Once I felt like some healing was taking place, I went into the Harmonic Egg to experience for the first time, the color and music that bathed my spiritual and physical being with powerful healing energies.  I sobbed for a good 10 minutes, releasing the stored up junk in my energy field.  Then I began feeling joy and gratefulness for the guides that have always been with me and love me.  

The colors and sounds were so gentle and soothing, and I began to feel that every cell of my body was being rejuvenated.  I found myself smiling and feeling a sense of joy that had been missing in my life for so long.  I didn't want the session to end, but when it did, I felt so light and refreshed that I ran down the hall like a child...I smiled and truly felt joyful for several hours. That night my body did it's own releasing of negative energies, whew!

Session 2 - 2nd Dive into childhood traumas

I knew what to expect, so I loaded up on electrolytes and tissues and we began. Korrine guided me through the healing of a couple of traumas that shaped my childhood and affected decisions I made as an adult.  Again, after digging into the feelings that were stored in my energy centers, I was reminded of the guides that have always been with me and love me.  And with this feeling, I went into the Harmonic Egg and WOW what a session!

Again, I sobbed at first, as the music and colors seem to find my deepest wounds. The sobbing didn't last as long and I soon found myself traveling through space and time, laying on a bed of hay and feathers surrounded by Shamans with incense and healing wands.  They were dancing around me in a circle and I felt in my heart that they were guiding me to a spiritual place to heal and meditate.  

I traveled into a flower field as a young squaw with long dark hair blowing in the breeze, that smelled like earth.  I was so light it seemed my feet didn't touch the ground.  I danced in the field with light beings around me and felt an amazing sense of peace and joy.

Again, I left with a sense of joy and knowing that I was in the protection of spirit guides.  In the following days, each time I meditated, I found myself in that place with the Shamans and the field of flowers and knew that healing was taking place.

Session 3 - Finding my power

With the traumas that I was carrying around my entire life, I lost my sense of true joy and happiness as well as my personal power.  And now at 61, I am determined to create the life I deserve and have been working to manifest.  This session made my heart feel larger than my chest could contain.  Korrine knew the exact words and guided me through a coaching session that has already helped me assert my own power in my personal and professional life.  

There were less tears of hurt this time, I felt excitement to get out into the world and express myself as the loving and powerful spirit that I truly am.  

And when I got into the Harmonic Egg, WOW, the experience was like no other!  I traveled through space and time to the place with the Shamans, then to floating in the ocean with whales beneath big fear of being in deep dark water seemed to disappear.  

Then I saw myself with a headband of jewels, robe of golden fabric belted with beautiful stones set in gold, strapped sandals that went up to the knee, sitting on a throne looking out over a beautiful valley of lush olive trees and flowering plants.  I was sending love and peaceful energies to many in that land and again, joy welled up in my eyes and my heart was full!

We chatted about this experience and what it meant to me, and now each time I find myself in a place where I need to speak from my power center, I go to this virtual place to find the words and love to express myself.

Session 4 - Healing

to be continued....


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