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While working with clients to help resolve their physical and emotional disruptions, we discovered additional factors contributing to their stress, hardships, feeling stuck, tired, heavy, etc. Oftentimes, it became apparent that the energetic environment of the home and car were also significant factors.​ After clearing and harmonizing homes, offices, and cars, all signs pointed to clients feeling better and experiencing better flow on all fronts: health wise, relationally, and financially. “Home” refers to your dwelling, whether a house, condo, or apartment.

If You’re Interested

Home and car clearings are totally customized both in scheduling and pricing depending on the scale and scope of the project. Sessions can take 1 - 3 hours, and pricing will range between $125 - $795. Pricing is based on time and complexity of the situation.

To schedule a session, send us an email with details about your home or car, including factors you feel are relevant such as accidents, traumas, natural disasters, conflicts, etc. Also include symptoms such as things breaking down, strange noises, etc. anything that doesn’t feel right. We’ll get back with you, typically within 24 hours to let you know our availability, pricing, and how to pay.​ Make sure to include your full name, contact info, along with several  photos of your home or car. If you know the approximate date of when your home was built, include that as well.

We will email when your session is complete and follow up with a brief summary of what we found and resolved.

Feedback from Clients

“OMG, Korrine… no joke. After you cleared our office the next day there were none of the issues we talked about around our office nor anywhere on the city block surrounding the office. Crazy!”

”After the fender bender, I felt anxious about getting in the car again. Incredible what you did. After getting the car back from the repair shop, I felt no anxiety. In fact, I’ve never felt better in the car since I’ve owned it. I feel calm and even more grounded—less scattered. Ok, house next!!”

”We live in an older home and felt that maybe it was just the old architecture that made the house feel heavy. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but somehow I just felt something was off with the house. I’m so glad I mentioned that to you in one of our sessions. After you did the house clearing it felt like a new place. I can hardly believe it It’s so subtle but yet it isn’t. It’s like it feels cleaner and the air feels cleaner too!”

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