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$10 OFF


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Enjoy a distance healing session in the comfort of your home or wherever you are most relaxed and free of distractions.


What's Involved?

Plan on 1 hour for your distance healing along with a brief follow-up phone call the next day. When you are ready to schedule your appointment, we will email what we need from you in preparation with simple guidelines for the session, including pre- and post.


We work 100% with the frequencies of Love & Harmony. All of your information is confidential!

Contact Us with any additional questions.


Normally $85 

What is Distance Healing?

Prayer is the simplest form of distance healing and has been proven effective in numerous experiments. Expanding on that premise, we customize sessions to address your healing intentions. For instance, we would apply sound frequencies of the Harmonic Egg and (depending on your specific challenges) may add specific emotional clearing techniques, and/or integrate other methodologies to address your needs. 

What is the Scientific Premise for Virtual Egg Sessions?

The foundation of distance healing relates to scientific research that has been conducted by the US military to develop the powerful protocol of Controlled Remote Viewing. Although healing (rather than remote viewing) is our goal, both operate on a non-local, non-linear level. Quantum physicists refer to this as the unified field. Tapping into that field, we operate beyond time, distance, and space with harmonic frequencies customized for you.

What Results Are Possible?

Just like with "in-person" sessions, results can vary dramatically. From 15 years of experience facilitating distance healing with various modalities, Korrine's clients have enjoyed relief from pain relating to injuries or medical procedures, greatly improved sleep, emotional upliftment, healing of depression, freedom from irrational fears, freedom from creative blockage, healing stressful relationships, enhanced ability to meditate, and many more positive outcomes.


Read the incredible feedback from this client who recently did a remote session.

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