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Energize Your Enterprise (Part 2)

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

When we wholeheartedly appreciate life, we care about all of it—from critters to plants to people—along with the environment that directly impacts how we live.

Our care invites presence, and our presence awakens the exquisite qualities that energize our cells, our dreams, creations, relationships, organizations, and actions of service. As communities of people light up, they collaborate as highly functioning groups within the magnificent enterprise we know as life on Earth. What happens in the small also happens in the all, and vice versa. Perhaps one of the hottest questions of our time that energizes us from within is,

“What is my purpose or calling?”

It’s a beautiful, grand inquiry that is likely to strike each of us in different ways. While one might be looking for an answer to resolve career restlessness, someone else may want clarity with existential questions. Whether one’s intention is situational or esoteric, I’ve noticed a common theme—a desire to experience well-being in a way that includes appreciation, abundance, joy, creativity, and contribution.

Although money is not a central focus for this message, it is often the case for people considering their calling. Many of us want to align with our sense of purpose daily, and we want to meet our financial responsibilities. Being able to do both is a win-win; so, hats off to all of you making a living, doing work that makes your heart sing. And a shout out to organizations that offer meaningful outlets such as Corporate Social Responsibility Programs to which employees may contribute if they wish.

Deep Questions Lead to Revitalizing Answers

When we dig deeper, we get to the good juice. You've probably chewed on some of these along the way. Let's revisit them.

  • How might I use my strengths and passions in service to people or planet?

  • Who am I, and why am I here?

  • Where am I playing safe?

  • What have I been putting off?

  • What does my heart want that I’ve ignored?

  • How much is fear of the unknown hindering my process?”

We free ourselves to shift into another league of being—one that is both intimidating and exciting—by answering such questions with fierce honesty. To follow your inner guidance and take action is not necessarily easy; although rewarding to your bones. Attuned to your calling, you energize the enterprise of life for you and me and every version of we.

Together, we consciously create our world from the qualities of Love that are awakening within us. Living these qualities: kindness, compassion, service, nurturance, full presence, creativity, etc. widens the valve for vitality to flow through us. This energizes all aspects of our lives and inspires the same in others.

In short, we raise our frequency and the ripple-effect of that matters, oh yes it does. You can wait for proof, or you can feel the Truth of it, and get it on with. Let's do this, shall we?!

Much Love,



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