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Resolving the Ravages of Stress

This dear client called me the last week of September 2020 at her wits’ end with painful symptoms of eczema on her face and hands. She struggled with it, off-and-on, since childhood. At this point, it was extreme as you can see from the photos.

Before and after photos of client's transformation after 8 sessions at Vibrology Center.

RESULTS: After 10 weeks and 8 sessions, she sent me a photo on Thanksgiving Day of her hand with almost all eczema symptoms resolved. She emailed saying…

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. As I count my blessings, I am thankful that you could help my nephew yesterday and so very thankful for all you have done for me. Here are my hands today (well, the just right hand). Almost normal. Just looks like they are a bit chapped from the weather, but I’ll take it!!

HOW: We have found that combining Harmonic Egg sessions with targeted stress/trauma release is a powerful combination. We uncover root cause factors for clients’ conditions and guide them in a release process. When a client is open and follows the guidance, transformation happens quite quickly.

She mentioned that after our first 90-minute session, there was improvement with her facial skin by the next morning. Interestingly, her hands got worse, which sometimes happens…things may get worse before they get better. No problem, we simply continue the release process specific to the hands. Rarely does everything get done in one session, especially when there are many traumas that have occurred throughout one’s lifespan.

Along with targeted trauma release, some sessions included health & life coaching and conflict resolution coaching to handle present-day hardships.

Photos of her hands improvement over 8 weeks...


Many of our clients are those who have not found permanent resolution of chronic conditions over years of searching and trying things. Typically, they describe getting relief for a while (maybe), but then symptoms come back. So far, we are seeing results for clients that are lasting. And, due to life being quite messy, new stressors arise that cause discomforts; however, the old inflictions that we released are usually not the ones that re-express.


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