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If we want different results—being healthy and well in every way—we need to understand energy dynamics beneath our challenges rather than hammer-away at symptoms and think we’re going to resolve our suffering.

Something made me drop everything and capture this thought, one of 50 gazillion that appear and disappear on any given day. Why this one? Not sure yet as I begin typing, but I’ve learned to trust the inner guide when it says, “write it.”

During client sessions, new layers of understanding (about life dynamics) from an #energy perspective are revealed. Once you give your attention to seeing the underlying root of things, insights come that often are unexpected. The rational mind might discount information that comes through your “aha” moment. It happens. Give it no energy.


Letting the inner naysayer rule and crap on the magic that is available to you through your intuition is giving your authentic power away. Energy translation: throwing your energy away.

Being mental is wearing—much more so than being physical. Think of long rides in the car. At the end of the day we feel drained, and it wasn’t because we physically outdid ourselves. Same can be said for the desk job with a lot of mental tasks to complete and no physical activity. But, I digress…

The point to underscore is shifting perspective to see/sense/or feel the underlying energy of things.

I often remind clients, “FORM FOLLOWS ENERGY.” Everything we experience in the tangible world has an energy signature, let’s say. Language is clunky in convos about energy; so, bear with me. Another way of saying it is everything has a “tone,” even though we can’t hear it.

Relationship dynamics have a tone—one-on-one as well as group. Our overall health has a tone. Each organ and system in the body has a tone. Every one of our beliefs has a tone. If any of these feel bad, it’s a disharmonious tone (or energy). If our self-talk is weighted with lots of unkind statements like, “I’m not enough,” or “I’m too this or that,” type of judgements, then we’ve got a lot of out-of-tune stuff clamoring inside.

If we want to feel better, the answer is to shift our tone towards harmony.

Saying more loving things to ourselves is a great start. The challenge is, what do you do when, deep down, you don’t believe the upgraded thing you’ve said. Not believing “self-love-talk” has a tone. Yes? The feeling of what we believe has more impact, energetically, than the words themselves.

If we want to experience lasting relief from our chronic physical and/or emotional pains, it’s essential that we look beneath the surface and see the energy that is creating our relationships, finances, health, and outlook.

There is no end to where we can go with this conversation. For now, this message is to get your attention to start looking beneath the dramas, stories, interactions, etc. and see what you notice energetically.

When we shift the underlying energy of things, the things will change.

Does this take a little #courage and trust in your intuition? Heck yah, it does. When you take that leap, the flow of life shifts for the better. This, to me, feels magical, energizing, and inspiring. The alternative feels heavy, draining, and hopeless.

I lived there, too, for many years. My wish in sharing insights from an energy vantage point is that we can collectively proclaim, “Enough is enough!” continuing to hammer-away at symptoms and think we’re going to resolve our suffering. If that worked, our world would look very different.

If we want different results—being healthy and well in every way (harmonious from the inside out)—we need to look for solutions beneath the symptoms. Once we understand the energetic dynamics that are creating pain, conflict, lack, etc., we can consciously transform disharmony to #harmony. Dis-ease to Ease. Ill-ness to Well-ness. We CAN do this. Are you in?

Much Love,



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