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Though Her Eyes Were Glass

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

When you open your heart (and I mean fearless-full-on-surrender to it), a tremendous shift happens in your life. It’s like you flip a switch, and everything is different…better, I’d say.

Along with recounting this shift, there's another aspect that relates to one of the values listed on this site: "Welcoming creativity as a protocol for healing and well-being." Reading on, you'll see how this ties in.

I’m sharing a little bit of what happened for me, which will likely look very different from anyone else “letting-go” at the deepest level. The common denominator is that through surrendering to your heart, you raise your frequency. How that plays out in each of our lives is beautifully unique.

For me, colors looked different—richer. The spectrum of sounds I perceived seemed to expand. Things I once worried about no longer had the emotional burn. Grief lost it edges, and triggered moments seemed to pass through quicker than before.

Creatively, things opened wider. Forgive the overused door metaphor, but yes, more insights and stuff came through. Good stuff, like when I heard the silent whisper, “Though her eyes were glass.” Through the openings came phrases, which became poetry that I never intended (mentally) to write.

From an energetic perspective, a soul-level change of heart is a change of your frequency; and then you experience new things to which you are now an energetic match.

Let’s back up a sec. We are always experiencing things to which we’re an energetic match. For example, you might have heard it said that you can recognize your beliefs by what you’re experiencing. The frequency of a belief magnetizes an experience of the same frequency. This isn’t punishment; it’s a wonderfully transparent way life works—showing us what we’re carrying around (in case we parked it out of sight). Back to the story…

I became an energetic match for poetic wisdom that wanted to be said. Note: sometimes the personality self will push-back somewhat, resisting change. So, there’s that. But something greater inside will plow forth, despite tedious yelps of fear or doubt by the intellect. On the spiritual path, we learn to navigate the skeptical mind by allowing our curiousity for exploration to outshine mental objections.

Hearing this silent whisper, “Though her eyes were glass,” I created the space and gave myself to the listening.

Alone, in silence at 3 am, I closed my eyes, put my fingers over the keyboard and welcomed words to flow forth—like turning on a faucet. When it was complete, I wept in a way I had never experienced. Unexpectedly, waves of emotions came up—a mix of grief for missing this level of indescribable connection and the deepest appreciation for sharing this other-worldly moment.

The pure presence of the “the girl” was, for me, a gentle tsunami, clearing everything that had kept me from remembering the most important thing.

Though Her Eyes Were Glass

I once knew a girl

who could see greater than I.

Though her eyes were glass,

her vision was free of barriers,

free of distractions common

to those of us who blink and think

we see things as they truly are.

She could see with her whole body,

read with her hands, find her way

by listening through her feet

to Mother Earth guiding her steps.

She saw with a heart that trusted

life and honored sight beyond

common understanding.

What we see, she didn’t—

neither hair nor eyes,

neither color nor size,

or hollow victories won.

With wisdom exceeding her years,

she saw you miles below the surface

of your appearance—a seeing mixed

of innocence and purity that

set fire to your defenses.

Without saying a word, her

presence called upon the

stream of your surrender

to weep a river that would

disperse the ash of your fears

and pretenses into the Earth

to nourish new life.

~ Korrine Holt

p.s. This was one the early poems that prompted me to keep listening, writing, and gathering the works, merge them with my art and publish them. The book, Poetic Ascension, can be found here.


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