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Your personal paradise lives within. We help you reveal it! 

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Experience the power of the Harmonic Egg and Transcendental Coaching to reset your autonomic nervous system, de-stress, and optimize your well-being.

Support your body to heal itself naturally and harmoniously.


The Vibrology Center, in Alpharetta, GA supports people of all ages to be healthy and well in every way: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. How?  Through professional consultation, guidance, and the Harmonic Egg technology to rebalance your autonomic nervous system. Your body can optimally self-heal as it designed to do when your systems function with harmonious synchronization.


What is the Harmonic Egg? 

Here is how one medical professional described it.

“I experienced the Harmonic Egg with my 14-year-old daughter and had an incredible experience. My daughter and I both experienced an overwhelming sense of peace and calm after our sessions.  I wish I could experience this weekly, as I am sure the overall sense of well-being and peace would benefit us immensely. I hope this technology becomes widely available so I could encourage my patients to utilize it. We need more technologies like this in medicine to compliment what allopathic medicine offers.”  ~ Dr. Elizabeth Salada, MD


The Harmonic Egg is a resonant chamber for deep relaxation and de-stressing the body. It combines frequencies, vibration, sound, and light waves to re-establish your inner balance. With 95% of illness and diseases related to stress, we need a non-stressful modality to restore our lives to well-being. Shifting your energy body to harmony is a powerful first step to restoring your physical and emotional well-being.

Korrine Holt, Founder of the Vibrology Center, has over 15 years experience helping people who are at wits-end with aspects of their it health, wealth, or relationship turmoil."Until we get to the root cause of any problem, we prolong our timeline of pain and suffering, and that's no way to live," Holt shares.

She adds, "Seeing everything from an energy perspective is essential to resolving distressing issues. Once people fully grasp that understanding, they are super-empowered to create life at a level that feels magical and easy. Additionally, the Harmonic Egg is an ideal complement to the tools we use to permanently release stressful emotions that have weakened people physically and emotionally. It is common for people to leave their sessions amazed at how different they feel after harmonizing their energies in a way they have never felt before.



Don't miss what clients share about their RESULTS.


The Harmonic Egg at the Vibrology Center in Alpharetta, GA.

Scientific explanation by Bruce Lipton for the efficiency of sound and all energy-based modalities vs. chemically-based models.

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Korrine inside the Harmonic Egg in Alpharetta, GA.

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