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Home Free Healing Circles

End Your Pain, Reclaim Your Power

When you heal aspects that trigger stress and hold you back, you’re home free!

What: An intimate gathering of 6 -12 people to uplevel your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. HOME FREE is led by Korrine Holt, Certified Life Coach, Energy Healer, Researcher, and Content Creator for high-vibe healing. Korinne teaches practices and strategies to resolve the root of your stress and free-up your authentic energy and power.


Enjoy a highly interactive gathering that includes the arts, sound healing, energy rebalancing tools-to-go, methods for releasing emotional blocks, dissolving restrictive beliefs, and reprogramming a high-vibe mindset for abundant living!

Korrine has combined her "greatest hits" content developed over the past 15 years along with her latest releases for creating your ideal reality applying exercises to "reboot" and feel better.


Areas of Focus.

We'll customize conversations according to the interests of those gathering in the circle, wanting help with...

- Developing & trusting intuition

- Ongoing work-related stress

- Depression and/or anxiety

- Meditating effectively

- Physical ailments

- Self-confidence & self-worth

- Relationship challenges

- Life transitions, fear of the unknown

- PTSD / Trauma

- Parenting challenges

- Life purpose direction and more...


Where and Who: A host offers his or her home as a gathering place, inviting a small group of neighbors, co-workers, acquaintances, friends or family members who want to bring greater flow and uplifting energy into their lives.


Investment: Benefit from 90 minutes with Korrine for only $45 per guest. An in-home, individual session is $195, so great savings here! Most circles choose to meet more than once as there is a lot of juicy ground to cover. That's totally up to each individual. Nothing is required. Fee is waived for Hosts.


When: Contact us if you would like to host this event. Dates and times will be set by Host and Korrine.



Call 470-363-0054

"I see this work as turning the lights on for people so that they feel warmly welcomed to conversations that reveal aspects of themselves they have yet to see."

Korrine Holt.png

Korrine Holt

Founder of Vibrology Center 


Her career path has included being an artist, a certified life, health and executive coach, energy healing practitioner, curriculum developer, and has led hundreds of workshops for conscious leadership and well-being.

She has over 15 years working with clients around the globe struggling with life purpose, relational conflict, professional performance, parenting, health challenges, depression, PTSD, and work/life balance.

She is the founder of the Vibrology Center, offering a sound chamber (the Harmonic Egg) that rebalances one’s autonomic nervous system, optimizes self-healing mechanisms, and helps heal emotional traumas. It is the only one on the East Coast at this time.


She reaches people through poetry, music, art, photography--and with all that media woven together into videos--which is so cool because it brings you to such a place of inner reflection. It speaks to us in a language that transports us from the busy din and noise of life into the still, peaceful inner place of our soul. That's where true healing takes place. And along with that inward journey, she connects us with our purpose driven soul path, which is another reason why I love her work. Korrine has really taken off with that. 


Korrine's work is becoming more and more expansive and it was tremendously successful here at Unity Spiritual Campus where everyone walked away with blessings, inspiration, excitement and further clarity of purpose, healing, and a heart-based perspective that she brought. 


If you ever get the opportunity to host one of Korrine's events, I say jump on it. There's no one quite like her, with her perspectives and delivery, artwork and profound poetry, she has the tools to turn blocks into breakthroughs. The transformative experience you'll take away is priceless. 

Temple Hayes 3.jpg

Rev. Dr. Temple Hayes

CEO of First Unity Spiritual Campus

Korrine Holt is an on-fire powerhouse teaching how to Attune to Love. I experienced her work up-close and personal and I feel so blessed and thankful that I did.

Angela Hewett-Abt.jpg

Rev. Angie Hewett-Abt, BA

Founder, Santosha Holistic Center

Korrine's workshop was excellent. The material presented was very helpful, healing, interesting, and uplifting. I liked the way Korrine got people involved.

She invited them to share their stories, and as they did, she interacted with them and helped them fully understand the ways they were feeling, and then offered excellent solutions to help them move forward.


Everyone in this workshop learned a lot about themselves and left with several things they could do to improve the quality of their lives. Korrine made everyone feel that nothing could ever hold them back from living lives that were filled with happiness and authenticity.

The interactive exercises presented were so good. I especially loved the meditation that guided everyone to connect to their heart and listen as their heart guided them to the life they deserved to be living in true happiness. 

Often, presenters come in and give lectures about their topic. Korrine did not give a lecture. She didn't talk "to" her audience. She talked "with" her audience and completely interacted with them. She gave the audience what they needed. She took the time to answer all questions in a very thoughtful and healing way. She didn't just tell the audience what to do, she showed them how to do it. 

I wish Korrine lived in the Buffalo, NY area because if she did I'd ask her to present at my Holistic Center on a regular basis. The people who attended left feeling healed, empowered, and uplifted.

Wendy Comeau 2.jpg

Wendy Comeau

Author of “A Heart of Kindness”

Your workshops provided me with clarity, and they filled my glass. You answered my questions with complete insight as to why I could not clarify, “My What Next?”

For the first time in a very long while I felt like I knew what direction to go. Thank you for your incredible insights, for touching my life, making a difference, and helping me experience clarity instead of fog.

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