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ABOUT GAIL LYNN, Inventor of the Harmonic Egg

Gail Lynn 300.png

At age 37, Gail was told by her doctor that she had the heart of an 80-year-old. What?! A major factor—high stress from a diverse and challenging career path of 15+ years without healthy work/life balance. She was an engineer in the automotive business, an entrepreneur of a telecom consulting company, and, later, a Hollywood movie producer. She came to the point of “burn out” where something had to give to restore her quality of life.


Needing to immediately address her cardiovascular situation in 2007, she flew to Arizona for sessions in the Life Vessel, a full-body light and sound therapy modality. Experiencing the turn-around of her health (and hearing compelling stories of others) inspired her to extensively research light and sound therapy. Studying how it works and how it has been used since ancient times set the stage for the upcoming phase of her life. That research helped form a new foundation for her life to replace the one that would dismantle several years later. In 2010, she opened her own light and sound healing center.

With ongoing research and learning from the testimonials of thousands of clients over several years, Gail was primed to take sound and light therapy to a new level in 2016. Well-versed in the dynamics of both the Life Vessel and Energy Genesis (first- and second-generation modalities respectively), she had keen insights on what worked well and which aspects could use an upgrade.


Ironically, during a car accident she lost consciousness for approximately 20 minutes and had a vision of a new 360-degree healing modality. That vision brought insights for delivering a higher quality of sound without compression or distortion of the vibroacoustic. Changing from a flat bed to a zero-gravity, carefully-crafted new chair would allow greater comfort for the client. Finally, the capsule design would be in the shape of an egg derived from the dodecahedron geometric form.


Though Gail was told by many that this new design (to be made of wood) would not be possible, she and another engineer made it happen. After a year of rigorous research and work to overcome challenges of the unique design, the Harmonic Egg (HE) protype was complete.


The dodecahedron design and natural materials enable the chamber to resonate sound in a holographic-like, micro-environment. In other words, you can’t tell from where the sound is coming because it’s everywhere, utilizing various speakers according to the personalized settings for the client! The proprietary angles and ratios build upon ancient teachings and text—an ingenious, modern design that facilitates an optimal delivery of frequencies and vibrations into the body.


After attending the International Association for Music as Medicine Conference in Barcelona, Spain in June 2018, it was discovered that the Harmonic Egg was in a class all its own. There is no other encapsulated, vibroacoustic model like it anywhere in the world. With its painstaking adherence to quality on every front—from the dodecahedron design, to the vibratory quality of light, music, and comfort for the client, this cutting-edge modality is 40%+ more effective than previous top-of-the-line modalities.

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