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Korrine sitting in her Harmonic Egg, Aurora.



Building Team Coherence

I have used the conversational strategies we talked about and spent valuable time in person with every member of my team so that I really understand their view of things. My retention rate is extraordinary and I believe it’s because of the communication and coaching skills I developed as a result of working with Korrine. Our team has a high level of trust, honesty, and positive accountability.
-- Brian, Regional Manager, Bank of America


Overcoming Executive Team Conflict

With individual and group discussions, our senior team realized that the sum of our talents is greater, more productive and more efficient than any individual. As a result of your work with us, we are more confident in our final product/decisions and we have a much more enjoyable time at work.
-- Lieutenant Colonel, Metropolitan Police Department

Healing Addiction & More

Seventeen years of therapy were not enough to help me, but working with Korrine, I unearthed and dealt with the pain of my past. I can’t explain how she does it because it doesn’t fit with everything “practical” that I know. What I do know is how much better I feel emotionally with my heart open in a very healthy way. Physically, my once “crooked” leg is now straight, and my C-section scar has nearly vanished. I admit that I arrived at her office a skeptic, but I have all the proof I need to know Korrine is a gifted healer and counselor.    

--Shelby J., Georgia

Starting My Own Company

I originally contacted Korrine regarding my passion and desire to launch a new business career. My passion was without question; however, I felt a hindrance in starting my new business, primarily for reasons revolving around self-doubt and self-inflicted personal restrictions. In spending only one hour with Korrine, I felt changed in a way I never believed possible prior to our conversation. In that one session, she helped me release a lifetime of self-doubt, erroneous fears, and hovering uncertainties. By the close of that day in which we spoke, I successfully began the launch of my new business. I have never once, since my connection with Korrine, returned or regressed to a moment of self -doubt or uncertainty regarding the direction I have taken in my career. I recognize that I am a full and complete person and no longer carry the weight of past restrictions and limitations.


For this amazing awakening in my life, I am so grateful for the powerful connection and interaction I had with Korrine and that the blessings from that day now ripple out to others that I serve in my business.  -- Lauren A., 

Releasing Years of Grief & Guilt after One Session

Wanted to message you that I'm feeling great. The weight and sadness that I've carried for the last 4 years has lifted. My stress has not lifted above a "1"even when talking about the issues that had me in tears, stressed at a level 10 when I came to your office. I can't wait to come back! ~TW

Healing Emotional Triggers with Relationships

I recently encountered a situation that previously would have triggered me and in the past would have prompted a response that I would not be proud of nor indicative of how I’d like to show up in the world.  After sessions with Korrine I was not only able to identify my own triggers in that moment, but also become more cognizant of the other person's triggers as well. This awareness has helped me respond from a healthier and more understanding perspective. I would summarize the time that I’ve spent with Korrine and utilizing the Harmonic Egg as amazing.  Her coaching has also assisted me in identifying and setting appropriate boundaries while at the same time becoming more intentional about creating a value-centered life.  Whatever weight, burdens, and or heaviness I may come into the egg with are dissipated and/or lightened by the time I leave out.  Her presence, energy, and purpose have truly been a light to my path. ~KT

Anxiety About Future, Fear of the Unknown, Shaky Confidence

After our last session, I slept better, feel more optimistic, less angry, less frustrated, more patient, less fearful of unknowns, more clear headed, and stronger. I’d say the session was pretty effective, wouldn’t you? :-)  

Healing the Weight of Worry & Past Traumas

Thank you for the session last week!  I felt so energized after it!  So excited!  My days feel lighter, and I know there's much more to learn. Thank you for meeting me where I am and enlightening me, baby-step style.

Mother & Teeneage Son

Thank you for an incredible session last night. I knew I could get there but needed your facilitation. Had very vivid dreams...too many to count. I responded differently to a recurring dream of running in fear from a natural disaster. This time I became more lucid and thought, "this makes no sense this is completely impossible," and I escaped without fear. Thank you! My neck and back even feels looser today.

J said he felt really heavy after and took a little bit to feel normal. Before long, I saw color in his cheeks and pep back in his step. Your message regarding hydration really stuck with him, and he now has a water tracker on his phone to monitor intake. I see improvements in his energy and will definitely bring him back!


Healing with Light & Sound

We are thrilled and grateful to offer the magnificent modality of the Harmonic Egg, light & sound chamber, to the Atlanta Metro area. Recently, we have added it into the mix of our distant healing sessions. Stress is often multi-faceted as we face challenges on every front—emotionally, physically, financially and relationally. 


A key factor for all of us is to strengthen our immune systems, which requires many layers of self-care. We need an infusion of harmonic energies, good nutrition, fresh perspectives, and tools to neutralize daily stress before it gets the best of us. If you are limiting your social exposure, we can bring healing energies, insights, and strategies to you! It is our mission to help you become (and stay) healthy and well in every way!

Transcendental Coaching

Prior to offering the Harmonic Egg, Korrine Holt has spent the last 15+ years offering coaching and energy healing to a full-spectrum of individuals... kids to retirees, CEO's to soccer moms, doctors to mental health professionals, and producing managers to professionals in the policing industry. She has worked with at-risk teens, young women rescued from human trafficking, stressed-out college students, and more. In addition to traditional coaching, she has specialized in releasing stressful emotions (known & unknown) that are often the root cause for many mental, emotional, and physical imbalances.

The evolution of her practice led her to expand into Transcendental Coaching, which, in essence, is helping people perceive beyond their five senses, expand their intuitive abilities, and see life from an energy perspective. From this learning, clients strengthen their self-healing and manifesting abilities.

Korrine has helped people resolve PTSD, chronic anxiety, depression, extreme phobias, and illnesses derived from traumatic life experiences. (More...)


Her sessions often include coaching, teaching, and intuitive downloads of information that help clients resolve root cause issues that are creating pain and suffering in their lives. 

Coaching + Light & Sound Healing

While offering sessions with her Harmonic Egg (named Aurora) over the past year, she noticed a symbiotic dance evolving between the sound/light healing and the Transcendental Coaching. If you come for a session, you might hear her explain it this way, "Aurora and I have a dance, each of us offers a different and unique twist to the totality of a client's healing process."

Plans & Pricing listed here.



Listing a few here. More results can be read here...


Healing Extreme Trauma

My first coaching session with Korrine felt like the beginning of my healing process.  We dove right into the deep end and found that after 51 years, I was still carrying around this boulder, and the weight of it had caused me to experience physical pain and illness.

Going back to the time of abandonment, betrayal, heartbreak and hurt was very difficult at first, as I had stuffed it and compartmentalized it for my entire life.  Even while I searched for spiritual healing and enlightenment, I never really opened the compartment to acknowledge the pain that had affected every decision in my life.


Korrine helped me go right to the root cause of so many of my physical ailments and... (read more)

Overcoming Grief

My sessions  with Korrine and Aurora have really helped me. My husband had been sick for nine months battling cancer. Even though I knew he was incurable when he passed, the grieving process was so much harder than I thought. When I first went to Korrine I was crying every day. She and Aurora took me through an incredible healing process. I so looked forward to my sessions. Korrine even gave me tools I could use in between sessions. I was able to release and relax and felt myself moving forward just a little more after each session.  After 4 sessions, I turned a corner. I stopped crying and started making plans to build a different but good life. I look forward to each day and the future. I continue to go to sessions to further heal and balance my body and my mind and to maintain my energy. Thank you Korrine and Aurora! ~ LS

Upliftment from Being Overwhelmed, Sad, Hopeless

Before I came to the session, I was a mess...feeling overwhelmed by so many stressful circumstances in my life. Everything I described in the session made me cry and the grief was intense. There is so much going on for me, sometimes I feel there’s no hope of fixing my situation and feeling truly happy with my life. But, after doing the emotional release work and a Harmonic Egg session, I felt better than I could have imagined. I feel truly blessed to have found Korrine and the Harmonic Egg.

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