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The positive results clients have experienced are nothing short of amazing. Many studies are being done to explore how and why light and sound therapies work. Learn more about the Harmonic Egg below from inventor, Gail Lynn, and how it has helped people get relief from physical and emotional challenges.


How unique is the Harmonic Egg sound and light chamber? According to her findings at the International Association for Music and Medicine conference, no other technology, world-wide, offers the potency of the Harmonic Egg's pristine delivery of harmonic frequencies.

Recovering from Car Accident. Hear how sound healing in the #HarmonicEgg impacted this client less than a week after a serious car accident. His reduction of pain was dramatic, allowing him to quit taking prescription pain meds. Egg sessions also healed emotional distress, anxiety, and depression that resulted from the trauma.

Breaking the Barrier of Disease - this video highlights how sound activates the body to self-correct in ways that are not available with conventional medicine. With no side effects, sound healing offers great hope for chronic and "incurable" illnesses, chronic pain, and emotional disorders. 

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