Single session

Experience the magic the Harmonic Egg sound & light healing chamber. Uplevel your health with this vibroacoustic technology that stands in a class of its own.


1 Session

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Prepay6 allows you to schedule 6 sessions at whatever pace you wish and offers a discounted rate from that of a single session. Prepay6 is an individual's plan, not a family plan.


6 Sessions

(at your own pace)



Prepay10 allows you to schedule 10 sessions at whatever pace you wish. This package also allows you to share sessions with family members.


10 Sessions

(at your own pace)



Silver Membership is ideal for people with minimal stress and no severe physical or emotional symptoms. If you are healthy in general, this will help you maintain your energy and  well-being with 1 monthly tune-up session per month.  


Payments made monthly for a 6-month commitment. Unused sessions do not move forward into the next month.


1 Session / Month

$90 / Month

for 6 Months


Gold Membership is well-suited for clients struggling with ongoing physical or emotional conditions that are consistent but not chronic. Your stress load may not be severe but taking its toll on your energy and well-being.

Payments made monthly for a 3-month commitment. Unused sessions do not move forward into the next month.


2 Sessions / Month

$175 / Month

for 3 Months


Platinum Membership is for clients struggling with chronic conditions, severe symptoms and/or experiencing a high degree of stress. Enjoy 3 monthly sessions to neutralize stress and give extra momentum to your healing process.


Payments made monthly for a 3-month commitment. Unused sessions do not move forward into the next month.

3 Sessions / Month

$240/ Month 

for 3 Months

Virtual EGG Session


60 Minute Session

Get still, chill and receive light & sound resonant frequencies of the Harmonic Egg, via the unified field. We customize the settings to address your specific challenges. How does it work? More details here.

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$75 / Session

Normally $85

 coaching &

Virtual Egg session

+++  90 Minute Session  +++

This combo of Coaching & Healing

is a powerful duo to target specific emotional stress points, learn tools you can use at home, and bathe in the stream of light & sound resonant frequencies emitted by the Harmonic Egg. More details here.

30 Minutes Coaching $45

Virtual Egg Session $75


Transcendental coaching

For the past 15+ years, prior to offering the Harmonic Egg, Korrine has helped people resolve PTSD, chronic anxiety, depression, extreme phobias, and illnesses derived from traumatic life experiences. Her track record for permanently resolving these imbalances is compelling. More details and results.


One Hour  $90

Half Hour   $45


Call or Text 470-363-0054 to schedule your session!

Packages apply to Harmonic Egg sessions only.

Coaching is purchased and scheduled a la carte.

60 min for Egg Session ~  90 min with Coaching + Egg.



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