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The body is perfectly designed to self-heal. When the body deeply relaxes, it is reset to become stronger and more efficient at bringing itself into balance. We support your body's natural abilities to function like a super star.


Recovering from Long Covid

I was severely ill with Covid-19 that left me with “long Covid” multi-symptoms of GI issues, nausea, dizziness, anxiety, hypoglycemia, fatigue, brain fog.  I got sick right after getting my first vaccine.  I had an immediate reaction to it mainly feeling dizzy, weak, and nauseous.  A week later, after I passed out at home, I was diagnosed with Covid-19 that sent me to ER twice.  After several doctor visits and numerous tests that made me sicker, I was not getting any help or answers besides “long Covid” diagnosis. I was at the end of my hopes of getting back on my feet and out of this constant daily struggle. 

Prior to this, I have been very healthy and full of energy.  I have been suffering with this for five months before I found the Vibrology Center.  Along with other symptoms, my blood sugar got completely out of balance, leading to painful issues of hypoglycemia, including black out and panic attack.  Just after one session of targeted clearing work with Korrine plus the Harmonic Egg, I felt SO much better... more back to myself and not trapped into this illness.  I have completed six sessions so far and I can’t believe how much better I am feeling and don’t want to think back of how much daily struggle it was for me just a short time ago.  The combination of Korrine's work along with the Egg is amazing.  I know there is hope, and I am excited to continue my healing journey.    

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Incredible Results - Eczema Resolved

For over a year I had struggled to heal my eczema with various therapies - an elimination diet, numerous topical creams, antibiotics, nutritional supplements, infrared light therapy, chiropractic treatments, acupuncture, ozone treatments, cryotherapy, herbal medicine, and homeopathy. I had seen four different dermatologists (the last of whom recommended bi-montly injections with potential side effects to my corneas), and nothing had worked. Several of the practitioners I saw finally admitted they did not know why their treatments were not working for me. I started to feel desperate, worrying that I would have to live in a constant state of misery since it seemed that nobody was able to help me. Read more...

PhD Professional - Big Career Win Along with Overcoming Trauma

Through a combination of targeted trauma release, life and executive coaching, and the Harmonic Egg, this dear client heals deep past wounds and leaps forward on her career path. After only 4 sessions, she has reported feeling lighter, even euphoric on many days.


On the career front, after sharing strategies to attract and secure her ideal position, she has gotten results in record time. Today I received a text from her saying, "Thank you thank you thank you! I just had an interview with XXX. Between my resume and the interview, they want me so much that they are creating a position just for me." She went on to share that she felt confident in the process we talked about to ensure the position would be a win-win. And finally she says, "I feel so amazing I could weirdly cry."

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Harmonic Health Care for This Physician

Doctor, leader, and visionary in the health industry adds Harmonic Egg time to her self-care regime. She has reported great improvement in her sleep and noticeable inner peace even when handling the tremendous responsibility of running many clinics. In addition, her family members are seeing improvements in their lives as they enjoy sessions she has gifted to them.

Weeks of Digestive Upset Resolved in One Session

After 7 weeks of stressful (and sometimes explosive) diarrhea, this dear client got it resolved after one COMBO session of targeted stress release and Egg time. Here’s how...

This health maverick was at her wits end. She eats clean, lives clean (toxic free food and environment.) Natural resources didn’t improve the situation, so she had a tele-doctor appointment plus lab work for blood and stool. Before her appointment at Vibrology Center, she had not received her lab results. As for finding the root cause, the client shares this...(read more)

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Healing Extreme Trauma

My first coaching session with Korrine felt like the beginning of my healing process.  We dove right into the deep end and found that after 51 years, I was still carrying around this boulder, and the weight of it had caused me to experience physical pain and illness.  

Going back to the time of abandonment, betrayal, heartbreak and hurt was very difficult at first, as I had stuffed it and compartmentalized it for my entire life.  Even while I searched for spiritual healing and enlightenment, I never really opened the compartment to acknowledge the pain that had affected every decision in my life.


Korrine helped me go right to the root cause of so many of my physical ailments and... (read more)

Emotional Trauma Release

A dear client releases anger and grief she had stuffed and carried for 40+ years from traumatic events that occurred in her teens. If she and I had had this one hour trauma release session when she was 18 years old, she would not have needed to escape emotional pain through addictions.


In addition, we released 15+ years of shame, regret, guilt, and sadness related to the addiction. After we completed the process she said, “Wow, I feel strangely blissed-out...euphoric actually. That is so weird!” 

Trauma Release Vibrology Center.jpg

NOTE: I hear this often because when we carry heavy emotions for a long time, it can feel strange to be free of them. Resolving a trauma at the root leaves you feeling a lightness of being that lasts, never to return to that former state. Naturally, new triggers can create new stressful responses, however, once “an event’s” trauma has been released, it is done. It no longer lives in your body to create havoc with your mental, emotional and physical health.

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Stronger Vagus Nerve, Brain, Thymus & Thyroid 

Great feedback from my client who has been doing consistent sessions over recent months.

“My naturopath read my organs and it appears that my vagus nerve, brain, thyroid and thymus are much stronger…best she has seen for me, and the only thing new to my health regime is the Harmonic Egg!” ~mb


Relief from Back Pain & More 

Feeling good. [After one session] had a burst of energy immediately after, and since then my lower back and other issues have not bothered me. I think it’s effective and a good reboot.

Back Pain Gone & More 

Things have noticeably improved. I have not had lower back pain since! I still feel a little something, but it’s not painful, and no stiff neck either!  Also, as strange as this sounds, started thinking in a multi-dimensional sort of fashion, never experienced this before.

No Back Pain 2 Vibrology Center.jpg
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Relief from Pain & Ear Noise 

Great news to hear back from client who did a Distance Healing session in April, doing both a Harmonic Egg session and a targeted release of a specific emotion that was a root cause contributor to her pain.


RESULTS: Shooting pain in her neck (especially when she sits) and the echoing noise in her ears has decreased by 70%.

Happy Man_Harmoni Egg Atlanta.jpg

Anxiety About Future, Fear of the Unknown, Shaky Confidence

After our last session, I slept better, feel more optimistic, less angry, less frustrated, more patient, less fearful of unknowns, more clear headed, and stronger. I’d say the session was pretty effective, wouldn’t you? :-)  

Parent of Autistic Child

After 1 Harmonic Egg session I feel so relaxed that I’m not feeling upset by things and feeling more patient to think of new ways to make challenging situations better. 

Happy Woman Harmonic Egg Atlanta.jpg

DISTANCE HEALING Addressing Inflammation, Heavy Metals & Brain Injury

Pat is excited for these details to be shared with you publicly, so we’ll begin with 3 primary issues that have caused havoc with her health. She has struggled with heavy metal toxicity, recognizing it has caused a lot of inflammation in her body. And, it has also been nearly impossible to lose weight! Add to the mix, Pat was struck TWICE by lightening (6 years apart) and suffered brain injuries from being thrown from horses many years ago. The consequences of these 3 factors on her health have been far-reaching to say the least.

** Belly inflammation down by 30-40%
** Inflammation in forearms and wrists down 20-30%.
** Infection in her gums has drained off.
** Feels her whole body, head to toe, shifting and rebuilding
** Can’t wait to do another session in 7-10 days.

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Resolving Root Causes for Inner Disharmony

The Harmonic Egg experience settles and quiets my mind, as I had been informed.  What I didn't expect was the value that Korrine adds, prior to the Harmonic Egg session.  She is experienced and uniquely skilled at helping her clients figure out the root cause of what may be troubling them and helping them to deduce a plan to overcome the issue. Korrine has helped me figure out my path to self improvement in a positive, trusting environment, with plenty of encouragement.  I am so grateful that I have crossed paths with Korrine and given the Vibrology Center a try and highly recommend it to others.  MH     

A Teen's Win Over Stress

This 16-year-old stuffered from stress-induced nerve pain, feeling like electrical shocks “pinged” all over... from face to feet. During the worst times, the painful sensations occurred at least every hour, sometimes every 15 minutes. Doctors were not able to diagnose the condition. After one Harmonic Egg session over 3 months ago, they only occur briefly on rare occasions. Reduced by 99% and didn't increase when other stressful situations have come up. So grateful!

Teen Win Korrine Holt.jpg
Healing Insomnia Korrine Holt 555.jpg

Two Years of Insomnia Resolved

Young man, 16, suffered from nearly two years of insomnia. After doing an emotional release exercise and one session in the Harmonic Egg, he reports having had an amazing experience, feeling energy shift between the lower abdomen and the heart. The following day his Mom said, “He was so happy last night and had no trouble sleeping at all.”


How did this happen? Here’s the short version… We traced the history of where an emotional shock triggered the body into an imbalanced state. Identifying 3-4 core stressful emotions, we released them in about 5 minutes. Then, customized the lighting and music selections during his Egg session to optimize his energetic balance and strength.


Another aspect to mention, he, like many clients said, “this thing happened, but I resolved it.” As resilient beings, we look at things in hindsight and find logical perspectives that help us cope. But, if the body can’t relax, (in this case, to get a full-night sleep in two years) it’s not resolved at the cellular level.

Regarding Trauma, Poor Sleep, Work/Play Balance, Diabetes

I came to the Vibrology Center on the recommendation of a friend after a very traumatic domestic violence experience. That was the catalyst, but I had a variety of other imbalances in my life to work on as well – poor sleep, career transition, work/play balance, blood sugar issues to name a few. 


On-the-Go Energy Rebalancing Tools:  Korrine’s approach was a refreshing departure from talk therapy – she provided practical tools I can use to release negative energy, thoughts, and patterns and move past blockages impeding my emotional, spiritual, and physical growth and creativity.  And I do use them. Daily. The tools also helped me to resolve lingering fear and anxiety from my recent domestic violence experience. 


I taught my 9-year-old son some of the techniques so that he could move past his fear of the dark. He felt empowered, and he’s slept in his bed easily and peacefully ever since. He also taught a baseball teammate a technique for moving past fear of getting hit by the ball, saying “I know this may sound really weird, but just do this and it’ll help.”  It did. Korrine’s toolkit a very valuable set of life and energy affirming techniques. 


The Harmonic Egg:  Adding to the magic!  I’ve had 6 or 7 Harmonic Egg sessions since I met Korrine. The music and lighting in the egg is very relaxing, but more than that, I can feel my body responding to the therapy during the session – little twitches that feel to me like the disharmonic energy leaving my body and trending toward the harmonic vibration of the egg. After my first two sessions in the Harmonic Egg, I was very tired the next day… almost like a detox effect, but I knew that it was just that. Ever since my first session, I have no problem falling asleep or staying asleep during the night. That alone has been a HUGE benefit in all areas of my health – brain, body, creativity. 


I am a Type 1 diabetic, and my blood sugar control began improving after the first session.  Thereafter, we set an intention to resolve that imbalance and my insulin needs have greatly decreased. My mental clarity has improved, and my creative energy has picked up considerably, which is a huge blessing since I’m starting a new business. I’ll continue to work with Korrine, the Harmonic Egg, and healing energy to elevate my wellness, my vibration, and my contribution to the whole.   ~ Leslie

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Overcoming Anxiety & Comfort Eating Cravings

As a complement to Harmonic Egg sessions, I frequently teach easy,
on-the-go techniques clients can use in between sessions to relieve stressful emotions that lead to unhealthy responses and behaviors. Kudos to this client for applying them! She shares her success with overcoming anxiety and sugar cravings...


“Thank you for teaching me this technique. You’ve made it simple so that I actually use it.  And, OMG, I just literally had one the biggest aha moments ever. I had one of those long days where I didn't feel like doing what I was doing, and I ended up with a cookie craving on the way home. Reflecting on it, it hit me like a lightening bolt how this pattern began when I was young, comfort-eating to offset anxiety of having to do things on a regular basis that I didn’t enjoy.


In my car, I did the release technique and the craving vanished completely. The best part is I had to stop at the store on the way home, and I made it all the way out before I realized that the craving wasn't on my mind while in the store, it was just gone.

I did it also for underlying anxiety, which disappeared, too. I was able to arrive home in a good mood and not distracted by guilt and shame of succumbing to a craving binge. So unbelievably amazing!”

Cravings 1 Korrine Holt.jpg
Singer_VibrologyCenter SQ.jpg

Vocal Artist and Musician

I arrived for my Harmonic Egg appointment during a time of high stress as I anticipated an important upcoming event. The stress had me dealing with insomnia and anxiety that was an 8 on a scale of 1-10. My spouse and I happened to read an article in a local newspaper about the Harmonic Egg. I’m open to alternative treatments and have benefitted in the past from Reikki and singing bowl sessions. As a musician, I’m acutely aware of the impact of sound/music/energy on our bodies, minds and spirits. I felt the Harmonic Egg could only help, but wasn’t sure how effective it could be given how stressed I was feeling. My husband made an appointment for me. I was so tight when I got there I could barely crack a smile when Korinne greeted me. She spent time talking to me beforehand, telling what to expect about the process, and also asking gentle questions about my symptoms. We ended up having a good chat before I ever stepped foot in the Egg. 

Once inside and immersed in the music and sounds, I moved into a deep state of relaxation. It wasn’t sleep, but it was a sense of EASE that replaced the tightness I’d entered with, quickly. I felt lightened up and unclenched. My feelings of stress moved down to about a 3 as the session proceeded. When I finished and stepped out, my whole countenance was different. I’d consented for Korinne to photograph me before I went in, and then as we chatted after. The difference between the two photos was striking. You could literally see the tension and worry gone from my face, replaced with brighter eyes reflecting the shift inside. 


I mentioned I was struck by how well the music played suited me. I learned Korinne had made some custom selections for my playlist, based on what we’d talked about beforehand. They were spot on. She has intuitive gifts that work hand in hand with the sound healing of the Harmonic Egg. 


That night, I slept for real — something that hadn’t happened in several days. My stress level continued to be at a lower level over the following days as I approached my event. For me, the results of the Harmonic Egg therapy were immediately beneficial. I believe they would be cumulative with continued sessions and do plan to take advantage of this natural stress reliever again.   ~ K. J.

HappyFeet_VibrologyCenter SQ.jpg

Neuropathy - Feeling Back in Feet

"So far I have had two sessions in the Harmonic Egg at the Vibrology Center in Alpharetta. My first was just to experience it, and after my first visit the neuropathy in my feet improved almost immediately. After my second visit, it improved again and the improvement has lasted much longer. I am excited to see what happens after 6 visits.


Eight or nine years ago, I was diagnosed with mild neuropathy in my feet although all nerve studies were negative. Again last August, I saw another Neurologist at The Emory brain center because it was continuing to get more wide spread. She did more thorough testing and said its age related neuropathy. I also tried acupuncture and found it helpful but nowhere as effective as the Harmonic Egg.  ~ B. L.

Regarding Sleep, Creativity, Work/Play Balance and Emotional Eatiing

Dogs were sick and disrupting my sleep after my first Egg session. Still, I feel that I’m sleeping more deeply when I am asleep, and I feel like it is not taking as long to fall asleep.  


Committing to more fun time this weekend, I worked on my quilting projects throughout the weekend, taking small timeouts for loading a machine that would do "work" while I was playing (quilting :-). I think by doing playtime first, I was able to more efficiently balance work and play, plus maintain and very upbeat zen attitude all weekend. The two quilts I worked on are the best I've ever made! I usually get stuck at a certain point and walk away (to comfort eat). But not this time! I wasn't freaking out and turning to food, and I didn't feel like I needed to take a nap to catch up. I just continued to craft and putter along and not worry about the goal or marking something off the list.  Very refreshing.  I would like to schedule another egg session this week! ~ B.P

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Harmonizing Multiple Sclerosis, Shopping Addiction, Energy and Outlook

For most of us, stress impacts multiple aspects of life. When we re-harmonize our body, mind, and spirit, healing can occur on all fronts, and we never know which aspect will take the lead. Dawn shares her experience of healing with Life Coaching from an energy perspective and sessions in the Harmonic Egg.

"I have been diagnosed with MS for over 5 years. After my very first session in the Harmonic Egg, I was able to make a complete circle with my feet! I have not been able to do that in years.

Prior to the Harmonic Egg, I had no energy or motivation at all. For over 5 years, I was addicted to shopping and became a hoarder. It became so bad that it was dangerous to even walk in my home. During the Harmonic Egg sessions, it became very clear to me that I had a problem. As my energy increased, I was able to donate over 7 truckloads of stuff from my house.

I know that the Harmonic Egg was able to clear my mind and increase my energy level. It feels great to be as productive as I was over 5 years ago.
The coaching and accountability that Korrine provided was also an essential part of this healing process." ~Dawn

Calm Youth 1a Harmonic Egg Atlanta.jpg

10 -Year-Old Calmness Breakthrough... Just Getting Started!

So excited to share this quick update I received today from a very happy Mom regarding her 10-year-old who has struggled many years with extreme fidgeting, difficulty focusing, and emotional outbursts which have affected all aspects of life. After 3 sessions, he was able to sit still during a movie and was able to get completely still for a short meditation. Bedtime was not a struggle for the first time as he chose to go to bed on his own. All of these have never happened before…ever.


“Unbelievable!” she said. More to come as we continue with weekly sessions.

Starting a New Business, Courage & Clarity

"I found out about the Harmonic Egg while talking with my sister. She came down for a visit in June and we both went and had a session. At the time I was feeling very ungrounded, spaced out and had no motivation to get things done. After the first session, I felt incredible...more energy, grounded and extremely happy.


I’ve now had 5 sessions and can’t even put into words how fantastic I feel. Just meeting Korrine has changed my life! I’m finally starting a new business that I was afraid to pursue for years. Korrine will be a dear friend for life." ~ Sue J


* * *

The following testimonials are shared by Gail Lynn, inventor of the Harmonic Egg and founder of the Life Center in Westminster, CO, offering sound and light healing technology for the past 9 years.


Ankle Pain, Stopping a Runner

“I used to be a runner. I had a fairly consistent 17-22 mile/week running routine. About six years ago, my health took a pretty dramatic turn for the worse and running became a struggle. I still persisted though…even training for and running a 1/2 marathon. Around this time, I started having issues with my right ankle. I did all the standard stuff, physical therapy, casts, boots, orthotics…etc. The pain would go away for a short time only to reappear in a different area in the ankle. So, I stopped running all together and even had to curtail walking very far. In fact, the day before my session I went out for a 3-mile walk and limped the whole last mile home.


When I was in the egg, Thursday, my right foot was “manipulated” at least twice. It felt like a chiropractic type of movement—the foot was manipulated in a circular movement. Yesterday I went out for a walk and was suddenly driven to start to run. I ran about a mile with absolutely no pain…but the most important part is that the ankle feels 100% today! Woot Woot!! I’m so excited to be able to get back into running again! Thank you so very much for your work Gail! I’ll keep you posted.” ~ Kim


Total Knee Replacement

Great story of a quick recovery. Client is an older man (65) with a pacemaker and on many prescription drugs. Six days after surgery, the client had no appetite (still under the effects of anesthesia) and taking three additional prescription meds for pain and blood thinning.


A few hours after his first session, he regained his appetite for the first time since surgery and noticed a significant reduction in inflammation. He did 1 session per week until his sixth week after surgery. After 3 weeks, he got off pain meds (doctors expected 6-8 weeks) and stopped using the walker and cane after 3.5 weeks.


His doctor was surprised at the condition of the scar after 2 weeks and commented on how well he looked so soon after a major surgery. He did physical therapy and achieved 101 degrees of bend after just 6 weeks, which also surprised his doctor. All of these signs point to an accelerated healing process via the Harmonic Egg.


I was diagnosed with Lyme disease along with the co-infections Ehrlichia and Babesia in February – changes are excellent that I’ve had these infections for many years. Because of this disease I experienced dizziness, headaches, and some tingling in my hands. I was taking natural antibiotics for approximately six months. I had been to the Life Center a few years ago for some stress issue and read about the new Harmonic Egg on Gail’s blog. I decided to give it a try after I read a couple of reviews from people who had good success regaining their health after having Harmonic Egg sessions.


I had three consecutive weekly sessions. After the three sessions, I was scanned for Lyme, and the scan was clean. I then had two sessions every other week, had another scan and still clean. I might also mention the constant headache I had on the left side of my head since February – GONE – after the FIRST session and it never came back!


I plan to make the Harmonic Egg a part of my life. We will continue to build up my immune system, but there is so much more I want to work on. This is an amazing healing modality. I love it and always look forward to the next session. Gail is amazingly intuitive and has been spot on on so many levels. I thoroughly enjoy my sessions. Thank you so much, I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate you!  ~ Maryjane Casey

More Energy, Calmer, and Childhood Trauma

The Harmonic Egg is lifechanging! I had 6 sessions earlier this year, and the results were amazing: clearer & calmer mind and more energy! My mom also had 2 sessions and she was able to shed a lot of negative energy from her childhood. I can’t recommend the Harmonic Egg enough – 10 stars! ~Mia Voss


I am a very intense person and relaxing is almost impossible. That being said, I was constantly tired all the time. I am finally waking up feeling rested after experiencing the Harmonic Egg. Try it, I don’t know how it will help you, but you will just be amazed with the results. ~Teresa Clark



I’ve had once-a-month, two-day, migraine headaches since my twenties. The medical doctors only offered meds; never a way to reduce them or get rid of them. A headache started before going to my Harmonic Egg appointment and it was gone by the time I left!  A few hours instead of 2 days! This is the first real relief I have ever gotten. ~Mary Sullivan

Seizure Recovery and Pain Relief

My Dad has not taken any pain pills today after his last session… usually healing from seizures would take him weeks!! Real healing taking place! — He is also in an odd loving mood, too, that I don’t usually see him in. Something is going on! Must have totally taken him out of fight or flight. Cool stuff. I’ll be letting this other doctor know about it when we see him on the 5th. I’ll recommend that he chat with you. ~Nate


Pain Relief

I had no pain after my treatment. I’m a little tender today. I couldn’t believe it took a week of pain away in one hour! I will come back.  Thank you so much!!  ~Caryn


Within 3-4 hours of my first session, the pains in my neck, the stiffness and cracking noises had already started to go away. Two weeks after treatments, I feel much more relaxed and calmer. The stiffness is still gone, and the congested feeling is gone as well. ~Theresa Hurlburt


Trigeminal Neuralgia / Chronic Pain / PTSD

After my first set of treatments, I felt emotionally and energetically better than I have in many years.  It seemed like the trauma and brain injury from my car accident was completely gone. I felt like “ME” again. It felt so good to be able to get through the day without being exhausted!


After the second set of sessions, another whole level of healing occurred.  Since a family members suicide attempt and shooting 12 years ago, I have been carrying PTSD.   I now feel joy and passion for my own life again! I really didn’t think it was possible! And, there is more…I have been suffering from trigeminal neuralgia for 2 years—constant shooting pain on the right side of my face that has limited my ability to talk, eat, and smile.


The doctors said I was facing lifelong medication or brain surgery—not a happy prognosis. After the second treatments, the pain became worse for a few days. I was so happy about my other results, I really didn’t care. The detoxing from the treatments continues for 21 more days. Last week I noticed that the pain in my face had completely disappeared!  No drums, no bugles—it was just gone!  I am pain-free, and I can smile again!

Veteran client who was 15 of 3,000 that survived a battle and is now the last living soldier from the operation.

The following account removes specific details to protect this client’s privacy.


A dear friend brought him to the Life Center, knowing that HE sessions would help him. The veteran seemed a bit skeptical but was open enough to try it. After the first session, he felt something enough to want to come back.

 As for his state of health, basically, he was dying. His kidneys were shutting down, his weight was out of control, his heart and some other organs weren’t working properly, and he was in a wheelchair. The VA wanted to start dialysis for the kidneys. I suggested the veteran make some diet changes, and he was resistant at first, but eventually chose to follow my suggestions. Making the changes was a slow process, but at least he was trying.


He lost 165 pounds since he first came in March, 2016, has not needed to be on dialysis, and discovered that his heart grew by a centimeter. (This remains somewhat of a mystery for us and the VA). He is walking on his own, has fewer symptoms of PTSD, and enjoys an overall different outlook on life after having cleared so much trauma with the help of Harmonic Egg sessions and Lynn’s guidance.


The client still takes some prescription medications and trying to wean off those. He continues to lose weight and work through remaining symptoms of PTSD. He shared with me that the VA can’t understand why he’s still alive and that he gets VIP treatment when he goes there. They continue to ask him what he is doing because other survivors were 400-600 pounds and could not lose weight. He continues to come for sessions once a month and has only done 20 sessions in the past 2 years. He tells me that I saved his life, but I tell him he saved his own life because he listened and took action.

Update 8/2/18:  His doctor now tells him both of his kidneys are functioning and have grown.

Balance and Harmony – Spiritual Healing

“I have been in the Life Vessel, the Energy Genesis, and now have experienced the Harmonic Egg. The Harmonic Egg was an uplifting, peaceful, and soft experience. Gail is so intuitive and, in our conversation ahead of time, I asked for a specific type of spiritual healing. She set up the music and lights perfectly. As I lay there, there was a neutrality to the experience, and my body was very comfortable letting go of any concern. It was a feeling of evening-out and balancing. The shift was immediate, but the change in me is abstract, and I can’t bring it to words. It has been about a month since my visit and I was expecting the shift to wear off a bit. I have not found that to be true. The Harmonic Egg is well worth the experience. I can’t wait until I am back in Colorado to get back into it.” – Jody


Fantastic mind-blowing experience. I took full advantage of the session and was able to free so many things that were holding me back. I was able to fully forgive myself for all the things I have done. I was able to even go further and allow myself to feel all of my emotions without judgement, blame, shame, or any negativity for that matter. The very next day, I woke in such a strong happy mood; and it carried me all day to where I am now. I have been telling everyone I know about how amazing this experience has been, and that it shook me to the core. I cannot thank Gail enough for going the distance and creating something so magical. I would highly recommend anyone trying this. ~Jason Rodgers

Skin Tags

I LOVE your Harmonic Egg. This past Wednesday was so different than the week before. I had a few skin tags. One completely fell off. It was on my leg. Another on my inner arm which is 1/2 the size it was!" We never know what will happen when the body starts healing itself.

72 Years of Emotional Hurt / Trauma released

“Since I have been approximately 5 years old, I have worn a pair of glasses called pain. It is how I describe my childhood. Never removed for any relief. Since my visit to Colorado, I have come to realize …..the glasses are gone. After returning home, I realized I had more strength, and something was different. Colors were brighter, and I appreciated my surroundings more. I felt like a stranger to my sister. This all was gradual and gentle until last night; I realized the glasses were gone for the first time in 72 years!”   ~ Marcia

Breast Implant Illness (BII)

“I didn’t know until a couple years ago, but my immune system had been severely compromised from having silicone breast implants for over 28 years.


Having recently learned of Breast Implant Illness (BII) and having immune issues as well as many other BII symptoms, I decided to have the implants removed. Upon explant I found out they were both ruptured. A support group I belonged to recommended several detoxes, none of which I understood or had the energy to wrap my head around. I’ve known about Life Center for a number of years and decided to reach out to see if they could help. Coincidently Gail, owner of Life Center, was preparing to see another woman with BII that flew in from California from a doctor referral. Gail had put a protocol together which happened to be everything I needed for heavy metal detox, as well as virus, mold & fungus detox. So in addition to the 6 weekly sessions in the Harmonic Egg sound and light chamber, I received guidance on the detox supplements my body desperately needed. I was so grateful I cried.


About half way through I noticed an increase in energy and weight loss. What a bonus!!! I had no idea that would happen! Apparently the inflammation in my body was more prevalent than I understood. I’ve now lost 10 lbs. and it’s been almost 8 weeks.

Since my body has been exposed to these toxins for so long I will be continuing my sessions on a monthly basis for at least a year for maintenance. After 28 years of being poisoned, I know it will take time to heal completely. So happy I am seeing and feeling results, I know I am on the right path!”

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