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How to Shift from Stress to Serenity


Discover 7 tools to reduce stress and feel more at peace rather than leaning on comfort foods, alcohol, and other substances that create more problems. 

Imagine feeling more harmonious and energized instead of being exhausted, overwhelmed, and unclear about important decisions you may be facing.


Light breakfast at 8:30

Yoga +  Workshop begins at 9:00am

Goddess Workshop Only beginsa at 10:00am

Register today!


Have you struggled with...

  • feeling exhausted & fatigued? 

  • trouble sleeping?  

  • body pain from stress?  

  • feeling overwhelmed, stuck & foggy?

  • not taking enough time for self?

Do you want to...

  • have clarity and a sense of self worth?  

  • experience more meaning and connection?

  • feel more energy and vitality?  

  • be free of guilt, impatience and regret?

  • be empowered to resolve difficult situations?

Learn to...

  • harness the power of yoga & meditation.

  • remove blocks that keep you feeling stuck.

  • tap your creativity for abundance and flow.

  • restore your energy to feel energized. 

Register today!

August 10, 17, and 24th ~ 8:30am - 12pm

Proceeds to Hillside.png

A chat with Cheryl Cooper, Korrine Holt, and Leah Merriweather.

About the Serenity Gurus

Cheryl Cooper.png

Founder of the Women’s Empowerment Institute 

Certified John Maxwell Team speaker, trainer and coach. Executive, business & life coach, author and visionary.  

Korrine Holt.png

Founder of

Vibrology Center 

Korrine is a certified Life Coach and Energy Medicine practitioner helping people raise their frequency to relieve stress and make full-life upgrades.  

Leah Merriweather.png

Founder of Vibrate Higher, LLC & Creator of It's Yoga From Scratch

Leah is certified yoga educator and instructor, energy management expert, author & speaker.

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